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Whenever you buy a new house or move to a new property, it is essential to get the house inspected. It helps you to figure out any problems in the house so that you take the suitable action at the right time. Therefore, inspecting a house before moving in is a must and should not be ignored to have an enjoyable living experience. 

Home buyers in Providence, RI, searching for the best home inspectors for quality home inspection services in Providence RI, should consider hiring us. Our property inspectors in Rhode Island are best in the field and offer a detailed home inspection with integrity and highly efficient results. 

Every home inspector in our team has exceptional experience in checking every corner of the client’s home. After the inspection, our RI home inspector will provide the client with details about the quality and lifespan of every material in their house. 

Our home inspectors in Rhode Island have a thorough plan and conduct home inspections in every area of your house. After analyzing every detail of the house, a detailed report is shared with the client. Our inspection reports are in congruence with the real estate standards.

Our reports covers the following areas:

  • Roof (covering and the structure)
  • Exterior and interior of the house
  • Crawlspace and its structure
  • Heating
  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Fireplace
  • Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Door and windows

The primary aim of our home inspection agency is to provide a professional, non-intrusive, and extensive visual inspection of your home. We strive every day to earn a good reputation by providing excellent property inspections to people living in both North Providence and East Providence. 

Over the years, our home inspectors have provided unique and value-added inspections to hundreds of clients in RI. 

What makes us the leaders in the RI home inspection industry is our sheer determination for work. This helps us to deliver satisfying results to the client for every small or big job. Our professional home inspectors use the best equipment and technologies when conducting home inspections in Rhode Island.

Here at our home inspection agency, we never rush when doing home inspections. Our home inspectors have ample time, which allows them to be thorough when conducting RI home inspection. 

Every home inspector in our company is allowed to do one home inspection per day. As a result, our inspections are thorough and comprehensive. 

How long does our home inspection process take?

The time taken when inspecting a house varies.  Typically, the amount of time depends on the type, size, and age of the house. Although, a regular home inspection takes an average of four to six hours. 

Why hire us? 

The quality of our results is the primary reason why you should hire us. Our home inspectors provide cost-efficient and effective home inspection services for residential and domestic buildings. 

Our value can be judged by the testimonials and feedback from our clients. We take pride in delivering high standard home inspection reports for every home that we inspect. Our professional home inspectors are versatile and thorough when it comes to conducting home inspections.

The four major parameters that are our Providence home inspection services are based on are:

  • Quality: Our top priority is to provide the best quality services to our clients in Providence, RI that will exceed their expectations.
  • Integrity: Our home inspectors are professional in what they do. Moreover, they always stay updated with current changes and trends in the industry – this keeps them in line with the professional home inspection standards.
  • Teamwork: We trust each of our team members. This is one of the reasons why we have the best home inspecting teams in the whole Providence region. All our home inspectors respect each other and work as one unit. Thus, they can deliver efficient and quality house inspection services.
  • Values: our home inspectors have high values and work ethics. Moreover, they endeavor to deliver quality results that meet the standards of the industry.

Residential & Commercial Inspections

We highly recommend people to inspect their property before moving in it – be it residential or commercial. This is why we also focus on inspecting both commercial and residential properties. 

When inspecting a commercial property, our team will be keen to ensure high-quality and thorough inspection. We value your time and money. So, we shall ensure that you get value for your money. 

When you conduct us, we shall schedule your inspection as soon as possible. So, you don’t have to wait too long to get our services. If we cannot meet your schedule, we will let you know in advance. 

Our relationship with you does not end at the end of inspection but it’s just the starting point. You can freely reach us in case you need any additional services. We are readily available to support you in whatever way that we can. 

Before moving to your new house, it’s important to make sure that the structure is safe, for you and your family. Hence it is important that you hire an experienced and qualified home inspector for your home or office to check the safety of the building. 

Our home inspection teams in both North Providence and East Providence can inspect the following types of commercial properties. 

  • Multi-family rental properties
  • Mixed-use properties (commercial/ residential)
  • Restaurants
  • Retail properties
  • Daycare Centers

Commercial buildings have different inspection requirements compared to residential properties. Our inspection teams in Rhode Island will ensure that your building meets such standards. We can also provide customizable inspection reports and can add or remove certain information when requested to do so. 

What to Expect from the Inspection?

Our professional teams are here to help you and will answer any question that you have in your mind. You can trust us and expect the best results for every kind of service from the buyer’s inspection to a pre-listing inspection to the regular inspection of your current home. 

During our home inspections, we advise our clients to walk through with us. This allows us to visually depict any issues at the same time. However, if not possible for you, we will provide a detailed and error free report that will cover every little detail of the house. We have a multi-point checklist for reference that helps us to inspect every corner of the house without leaving a single inch uninspected. 


You may expect the following from the inspection process. 

  • A comprehensive high detailed report for the overall condition of the house. 
  • Images of the areas that need to be repaired.
  • Mobile and computer-friendly reports. 
  • Areas that need high attention. 
  • Any suggestions that will help you make an appropriate decision. 

Our specialized teams inspect the roof for any problems with the chimney, shingles, flashing, and gutters. Moreover, our teams test out all the windows, plugs, and doors, and also perform visual checks for asbestos, lead paint, and microbial growth in your house.

Our main concern is to keep your safety first and notify you of any kind of problem that can endanger your safety concerns. At last, we provide you with a detailed inspection report with all the pictures via email within 24 hours of the time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a home inspection?

Property inspections play a major role in the real estate industry. They assist buyers in deciding whether to go on with the purchase or not. Therefore, it is crucial that before buying a home, you must get it thoroughly inspected by a trustworthy home inspection agency.  

Our work here is to make our client familiar with the present condition of the house. We provide our clients with the details for areas of the house that need repairs. Moreover, we make them familiar with the current systems of the house and the right process to use and maintain those systems. We ensure that after going through our report, our client feels confident about the decision that they make about the house. 

Do I need to attend my own home inspection?

Purchasing a new home is a big decision, and it is essential that you must know everything about the house from its base to top. That’s why we encourage our clients to take part in the home inspection with us. It’s not necessary to take part in the inspection. However, by taking part, you will learn many things about your new home. You will know all about the systems installed in the home and also get insights on what repairs are required in the home. 

How much time does a home inspection take?

The time taken for the home inspection is dependent upon the property type you are dealing with. However, for a house of 2000 square ft, it usually takes two hours. 

When will I get the inspection report? 

The reports for our inspection are generally delivered within twenty-four hours of the process. We provide the reports via email in an HTML and PDF form.

How to read my home inspection report?

We send the inspection reports in an HTML or PDF format through emails. The main page of the report has our contact information and address details of the inspected property with an embedded photograph. 

Further inside, a report summary page is there in which you might find some items marked in blue. It signifies that it is a contractor-type repair, and the cost of repair will be over $500. The page will consist of the page numbers where you can find the photographs listed for the mentioned issue.  

What if I have a question about my report?

Our high value, ethics, and good customer relationships are the base of our success. Hence, we will clear your every doubt about the house regardless of the time duration when we inspected your house. 

How to get a quote or schedule an inspection?

You can get a quote for the inspection or schedule an inspection. We will provide you with a detailed verbal and email quote, which will consist of all the fees and warranties about our process. You can also visit our official website online and schedule an inspection from there.  

Are there any limitations to home inspections?

We thoroughly inspect the homes of our clients and make sure that no area is left uninspected. However, we only visually inspect the house and can not see what is inside the walls. So we can not entirely predict the future of the home, but through our experience, we will guide you on what to expect from the home. 

How much does an inspection cost?

The fees that we decide for an inspection process depends upon the square footage area of the house and ancillary services. For an inspection process of 2000 sq ft home, we charge $750, including the pest and radon inspection. We also provide warranties for our process so that you do not have to pay again for any unforeseen issues.  

How can I pay for my home inspection?

You can pay us using cash, check, and credit cards at the time of the inspection process. In case you aren’t available at the time of inspection, you may pay us through credit cards online.