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When buying a new home or property, it’s important to get it inspected. This will assist you in determining any underlying problems, so that you can take the necessary action. Therefore, you should take home inspections seriously, and you should never ignore them—especially if you want to enjoy living in the property. Anyone living in Cranston, RI, and is searching for professional home inspection services in the area, they should consider hiring us. We have a team of experienced home inspectors, trained to conduct thorough home inspections. Our team of home inspectors in Rhode Island will check every corner of your home, and then provide you with an inspection report about the status of your new home. Our professional home inspectors follow a thorough plan when conducting home inspections.

Generally, our home inspectors will focus on the following areas:

  • Roof (covering and the structure)
  • Exterior and interior of the house
  • Crawlspace and its structure
  • Heating
  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Fireplace
  • Cooling
  • Electrical
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Door and windows

The main purpose of our home inspection company is to offer professional, non-intrusive, and extensive visual inspections for people living in Cranston, RI, and the surrounding areas. Every day, we aim to offer excellent home inspection services to our clients, and this has assisted our company to build a good reputation. Over the years, our home inspectors have been able to provide quality and comprehensive home inspections to hundreds of clients in Cranston, RI. When you hire us, our team of qualified experts will inspect your house, leaving “no stone unturned.” After that, we shall provide you with an inspection report, which is produced following the set industry standards.

House Inspector Cranston RIFirst, the home inspector working on your property shall give you a summarized report on-site. This report outlines the general condition of your property, and it shall highlight any issues that our inspection team has found. Then, a comprehensive report shall be sent to you within 24 – 48 hours. Our team of home inspection experts are always determined to deliver quality services to the people living in Cranston, RI—no matter the size of the inspection job. We have equipped all our home inspectors with modern tools, to assist them in doing home inspections. Therefore, you should expect quality home inspection services, and comprehensive reports from our professional home inspectors. One thing with our home inspectors is that they don’t rush when doing home inspections. We normally give them ample time to complete every scheduled home inspection. This ensures that our property inspections are thorough and done the right way. Typically, we normally allocate a full day to our teams to do a comprehensive home inspection. This helps them to test each and every aspect of the house in detail and not miss out on any defect in the house. One of the good reasons for our prestige name in the market is due to the transparent work process we follow. Moreover the time taken to inspect your home varies, depending the size, age, as well as type of the property. However, an average home inspection will take us around 4 – 6 hours.

Why hire us?

We are a leading home inspection company in Cranston, RI, and the surrounding areas. Besides, we provide quality services to our clients without any prejudice. Moreover, our home inspection services are cost-effective and efficient. This has made us to be a renowned company in Rhode Island when it comes to delivering qualityHome Inspectorand reliable property inspections. When you visit our website, you will be able to see the testimonials and feedback given to us by our clients of the years. This gives us pride when it comes to delivering high-quality home inspection services.

Our Cranston, RI home inspections are done based on the following four parameters:

1.Quality – our top priority is to provide quality home inspection services to our clients in Cranston, RI. We guarantee you that our services will exceed your expectations.

  1. Integrity – our team of home inspectors are professional in their work. We have put measures in place to make sure that they remain updated with current changes and trends in the home inspection industry. This ensures that they are always in line with the current home inspection standards. Because of this, our home inspection teams can deliver excellent results on every project they are assigned to.
  2. Teamwork – our team members believe in the spirit of teamwork. And, this is one of the reasons that we have the best available home inspecting teams in the whole Cranston region. Every member of the team holds a respect for every other team member and works as one unit. This helps them to achieve efficient and quality house inspection services.
  1. Values – all our team members have high values and work ethics. No matter the situation at hand, every member of our team is committed to deliver to the best of their ability. This assists them to achieve quality results that exceed the set standards of the home inspection industry.

What to expect during home inspection

First, our professional teams in Rhode Island are readily available to assist you and will answer any queries that you might have in your mind. Therefore, can trust us and expect the best results for every kind of home inspection service. Typically, this includes anything from buyer’s inspection to a pre-listing inspection, as well as regular inspections of your current property.  At the end of the day, we aim to provide you with all the necessary information that we collect during the home inspection process. Our certified and licensed home inspectors will ensure that the report that we deliver is free from any kind of error. When inspecting a property, we usually recommend the client to walk through with us. This makes it possible for us to visually depict any underlying problems at the same time. However, there are certain cases when this will not be possible. Therefore, we normally provide the client with a detailed report that covers every little detail of the house. Our certified home inspectors normally rely on a multi-point checklist for reference during the home inspection process. This checklist ensures that home inspection is comprehensive, and there’s no area that’s not covered.

You may expect the following from the inspection process.

  • A comprehensive report about the overall condition of the house
  • Photos of the areas that need repair
  • A mobile- and computer-friendly home inspection report
  • A report on critical areas that demand immediate attention
  • Suggestions to assist you in implementing the repairs

Areas We Service:

home inspector faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a home inspection?

Home inspections help to determine whether or not to buy a property. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments that you’ll ever make in life. Therefore, it’s essential to get your home inspected by a professional home inspector, before making your final decision to buy it. Our aim, as a RI home inspection company, is to let you know about the current state of your existing or new property. At the end of the inspection, we shall provide you clients with the details of the areas that need repairs. At the end of the day, we shall ensure that after going through our report, you feel confident about the decision that you make in regards to the new


Do I have to attend my own home inspection?

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make in your life. Therefore, it is essential that you know everything about the house from its base to top. Because of this, we encourage our clients to be part of the home inspection process. However, it’s not that important to take part in the inspection process. However, accompanying our experienced home inspectors allows you to learn many things about your new home. You will know all about the systems installed in the home and also know which areas need inspection first hand.

How long should I wait before getting the inspection report?

Typically, it takes a maximum of twenty-four hours to get a comprehensive inspection report. However, you should expect one of our experienced house inspectors to give you a brief summary of their findings. Our RI home inspection reports come in both HTML and PDF format.

How to read my home inspection report?

As we’ve said earlier, you should get the inspection report via email in both HTML and PDF format. The main page of the report has our contact information and address details of the inspected property with an embedded photograph. Next, you will find a summary page, where you might find some items marked in blue. This shows that it’s a contractor-type repair. Moreover, the cost of repair will be over $500. In this page, you will find page numbers where you can find the photographs listed for the mentioned issue.

Our home inspection reports also comprise of photos and information regarding the following aspects of the house:

Exterior areas

Interior areas


Attic area


HVAC system

Plumbing system

Electrical system



The terms highlighted in yellow are the technical terms that you can know about from the end of the report. You can also place the cursor on the term to get its definition.

What should I do in case I need clarifications about my report?

You should never hesitate to contact us in case you need clarifications. We shall assign one our experienced team members to give clarifications on the areas in question. Mostly, this should be the person who inspected your property.

How should I get a quote or schedule an inspection?

This is very easy. First, we will give you a verbal quote, followed by a detailed email quote. This will consist of all the fees, warranties, and any other thing related to the inspection process. Also, you can visit our official website and schedule an inspection from there.

Are there any limitations to home inspections?

Our Rhode Island home inspection process is very comprehensive, and our home inspectors ensure that every area is covered. However, we only inspect what we can see—meaning we can’t see anything inside the walls. However, through our experience, we advise you accordingly on what to expect from the home.

How much should I expect to pay for a comprehensive home inspection?

There is no definite answer to this since our inspection fees depend on the size of your property, as well as any additional services that you request. However, you should expect to pay $2.67 per square foot, including radon and pest inspection. Besides, we also offer warranty for our home inspection process. This will take away the need of having to pay again in case of any unforeseen issues.

How can I pay for my home inspection?

We accept cash, credit cards, or checks. Also, we do accept online payments for clients who are not present during the inspection process.

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