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AAA Home Inspections is a super motivated home inspection company that has raised the standard in the home inspection industry for customer service and satisfaction. We aim to deliver the most detailed photo rich accurate reports that are understandable and described the condition of the home or structure. We deliver amazing results and give you a professional report and other tools for you to take to the negotiating table. When making the biggest investment of your life nothing matches a professional assessment from AAA Home Inspections.

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Home Buyer’s Pre – Closing Inspection

AAA Home Inspection includes a complete professional inspection of the entire home from the roof to the foundation and all components in between.

Investment Property Inspection

Single family or multi unit investment properties are covered under our custom investment inspections. We have additional tools to ensure you know all the cost before closing.


We are the experts on commercial structures before you purchase or rent any commercial structure a Superior Commercial Inspection will reveal all possible cost before the negotiations began.

Warranty Inspections

Most transactions offer a 12 month warranty. The 11th month mark is where this inspection takes place to ensure any needed repairs are done before time runs out.

Superior Credentials

At AAA Home Inspections, we provide homeowners in Rhode Island with professional and comprehensive home inspections. In addition to this, we also provide Consultation Services for homeowners and homebuyers in the area. Our main mission here at AAA Home Inspections is to make homeowners and homebuyers acquainted with their properties. To accomplish this, we start by evaluating the property and then give you a report about the overall condition of the property. Further, we normally provide maintenance tips for homes and connect homeowners with repair professionals. What differentiates us from other companies in the area is the fact that we not only provide home inspection services, but we also provide solutions for any underlying issues in your home. At AAA Home Inspection, we have a team of dedicated professionals, who can service and repair your home in Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. You only need to give us your address and we shall make sure that we solve your issue within the shortest time possible.

Superior Home Inspectors, Home Inspection services in fayetteville nc, Best Home inspectors in Favetteville NC, Superior Home Inspection in North Carolina
Superior Home Inspectors, Home Inspection services in fayetteville nc, Best Home inspectors in Favetteville NC, Superior Home Inspection in North Carolina

AAA Home Inspections aims to change the entire home inspection process. To do this, we have changed our communication strategies. Therefore, we usually make detailed and easy to read inspection reports. This makes it easier for homeowners and homebuyers in Rhode Island to understand the key structural elements of their home. Because our inspection reports are easy to read and understand, buyers and sellers don’t struggle in getting a clear picture of the condition of their home. As a result, they don’t rely on third-party advice when making their decisions. If you are a real estate agent, home buyer or seller, or a homeowner living in Rhode Island, our experienced home inspectors here at AAA Home Inspections, RI can help you to achieve your objectives. Our home inspection experts specialize in inspecting homes in Providence, Warwick, Cranston, and the surrounding areas. So, you only need to contact us today at 401-216-7934, to get a free quote, or schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive and professional home inspections in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is famous for its beautiful and Iconic homes. So, if you want to sell or purchase a property in the area, our professional home inspectors are at your disposal to check the structural integrity and overall condition of your home. As part of our home inspection process, an experienced home inspector will thoroughly inspect the structural and mechanical integrity of your home. This will be followed by a detailed report about the condition of your home on the same day. We believe that buying a home is one of the greatest investments that you will ever make. Thus, our home inspection reports will help you have a clear mind when making this decision.

house inspector in warwick ri
Superior Home Inspectors, Home Inspection services in fayetteville nc, Best Home inspectors in Favetteville NC, Superior Home Inspection in North Carolina

AAA Plumbing Inspection Expert

The entire plumbing system will be inspected for leaks and the proper materials to ensure effective delivery and drainage.

Specialized inspection services in Rhode Island

Apart from home inspections, our professional home inspectors also provide specialized inspection services for homeowners in Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. Some of these specialized services include:

  • Mold testing – do you suspect mold issues in your home? Or, has your home had any form of water damage previously? Our home inspectors are certified and have the skills to inspect your Rhode Island home for such damages. Mold can cause serious health or allergy problems. Therefore, it’s essential to know the quality of hair in your home if you have respiratory problems. To do this, you should contact the mold inspection and remediation experts here at AAA Home Inspections to check whether you have any underlying issues. 
  • Termite inspections – termites present a big problem for homeowners in Rhode Island. With this, we also provide termite inspection services for property owners in Rhode Island and the surrounding areas, which helps them avoid the costly damages caused by these destructive pests. Our specialized inspectors can check your home or business for any signs of termite infestation, and come up with the appropriate remediation procedure. 
  • Commercial property inspections – also, our experts here at AAA Home Inspections, Rhode Island specialize in inspecting commercial or multi-family unit properties. So, if you are buying or selling any of these properties, our experienced home inspectors can thoroughly inspect the property, to make sure that it’s in a good condition. 
Home Inspector

You can contact us today at 401-216-7934 to get a free quote or schedule an appointment. Also, you can request a home inspection online by visiting our website. So, don’t be left behind—take this opportunity to experience the difference that our home inspection services provide.


Scott was great to work with. He was both thorough and personable
throughout the entire home inspection process. He pointed out issues and
helped explain things that a new home owner might not know. I would
absolutely recommend him!

– Jim Breslin